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  1. B

    Reality Cheats

    RealUI Uygulaması Neden Kendi Kendine Kapanıyor Sorun Nedir ?
  2. B

    Reality Cheats hakkında

    Arkadaşlar super member olmaya çalışıyorum bunun kolay yolu yokmu?
  3. V

    How long does it take your member title to update??

    Member title
  4. F

    i cant install app

    i cant install loader
  5. spookywaffle123

    Apex Legends - How do I prevent getting banned?

    How do I go about using the Apex Legends RC Hack? Do I need to first clean logs, launch EAC/Battleye spoofer, Apex legends, then the cheat? Or do I just launch the game, launch the cheat, and clean logs after I'm done playing?
  6. N

    is anyone down to play apex?

    looking to play apex add me RealNK2072
  7. mingrx

    Windows versions that cheats work

    Can u guys said to me if Windows 8.1 PRO receives all funcionality for the cheats, i am new so idk if that work in ALL windows, ty
  8. B

    question about realui

    for the cheats on realui it requires the key insert which i don't have on my keyboard, who do i use the cheats then?
  9. kayden21

    anyone here program

    Does anyone here program in c#
  10. kayden21

    Is there a hack for b04

    I would like a hack for bo4
  11. Jesus_christ

    Apex Legends *Antiban Solution*

    So just found out that in order to not get banned while playing your favorite game apex legends all you have to do is TURN BACK ON YOUR ANTIVIRUS AND FIREWALL AFTER YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY OPEN AND RUN THE CHEATS. Doing this while exponentially decrease the rate and ability for you to get...
  12. Jesus_christ

    Apex Legends Second Cheats For Non-Confirmed Members

    Can admins create a non-confirmed member version of apex cheats so that it doesnt stop us from playing our favourite game pls????
  13. Jesus_christ

    Cheats Needs Update???

    Quick question to the people out there that know the answer to this question... *How exactly can i know if a cheat needs to be updated? *And How do i know that i have been hwid banned?
  14. bugraatak06

    Active member yükselemedim yardım

    11 tane mesaj attım kabul edildi ve hâlâ benim hesabım active member e yükselmedi neden acaba yardım edermisiniz
  15. HITGAME345

    no recoil in the pubg

    Hi guys, have you ever thought of doing something for a PUBG game? Or did you wonder, but I missed something? 1642707761 I think it's a really cool idea, but with your new policy, this cheat should only be issued with a "Super member"
  16. Vortex_Ice

    When will spoofer be back up?

    can anyone let me know when the spoofer will be done updating im sure im not the only one
  17. M

    When will the RC Points system work?

    any idea of when the shop feature will be released
  18. E

    Spoofer Ne Zaman Güncellenecek?

    Hile güncellemesi genellikle ne kadar sürer?
  19. E

    Apex cheat not loading

    After injecting i get the same message and im on windows version 1909 so i dont know why its not working
  20. THMaSTeR

    Bypass for Gameranger

    hi Is there a bypass for the gameranger that can be used and the games in it do not have connection errors?

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