1. E

    will the bloodhunt vampire cheat come back

    i really liked the vampire bloodhunt cheat and it was really good i just wanted to know if anyone has it or if it is coming back and that cheat is what really brought me here to rc
  2. TsukuyomiZRD

    tell me a little about yourselves, i wanna meet some new people

    favorite song, where are you from, what games do you like to play, what are your other hobbies just go nuts :D
  3. forbidden

    If yall want confirmed member

    I don't have confirmed member but i do know a little bit about it. You need like 50 messages and you cannot spam at the bottom of every post you should see something about spamming and the rules if you haven't see it i have also posted it in here to show yall | Üyeliğimi onaylamadım ama bu...

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