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  1. ravex

    PhotoShop Görünüm / View Kısayolları

    İşlev Windows Mac Preview CMYK Ctrl+Y Cmd+Y Gamut Warning Ctrl+Shift+Y Cmd+Shift+Y Zoom In Ctrl++ Cmd++ Zoom Out Ctrl+- Cmd+- Fit on Screen Ctrl+0 Cmd+0 Actual Pixels Ctrl+Alt+0 Cmd+Alt+0 Hide Edges Ctrl+H Cmd+H Hide Path Ctrl+Shift+H...
  2. ravex

    PhotoShop Seç / Select Kısayolları

    İşlev Windows Mac Hepsini Seç / Select All Ctrl+A Cmd+A Seçiciliği gider / Unselect Ctrl+D Cmd+D Cmd+D Yeniden Seç / Reselect Ctrl+Shift+D Cmd+Shift+D Inverse Ctrl+Shift+I Cmd+Shift+I Feather Ctrl+Alt+D Cmd+Option+D Bring Forward Ctrl+] Cmd+] Send...
  3. ravex

    PhotoShop Katmanlar / Layers Kısayolları

    İşlev Windows Mac Layer via Copy Ctrl+J Cmd+J Layer via Cut Ctrl+Shift+J Cmd+Shift+J Group with Previous Ctrl+G Cmd+G Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G Cmd+Shift+G Bring to Front Ctrl+Shift+] Cmd+Shift+] Bring Forward Ctrl+] Cmd+] Send Backward Ctrl+[ Cmd+[...
  4. ravex

    PhotoShop Resim / Image Kısayolları

    İşlev Windows Mac Adjust > Levels Ctrl+L Cmd+L Adjust > Auto Levels Ctrl+Shift+L Cmd+Shift+L Adjust > Auto Contrast Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L Cmd+Option+Shift+L Adjust > Curves Ctrl+M Cmd+M Adjust > Color Balance Ctrl+B Cmd+B Adjust > Hue/Saturation Ctrl+U Cmd+U...
  5. ravex

    PhotoShop Düzenle / Edit Kısayolları

    İşlev Windows Mac Geri Al / Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z History ’de bir adim geri Ctrl+Alt+Z Cmd+Option+Z History ’de bir adim ileri Ctrl+Shift+Z Cmd+Shift+Z Kes / Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X Kopyala / Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C Yapıştır / Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V İçine Yapıştır / Paste...
  6. ravex

    PhotoShop Genel Kısayolları

    Yeni Çalışma Alanı / New Ctrl+N Yeni Katman / New Layer Ctrl+Shift+N Aç / Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O Farklı Aç / Open As Ctrl+Alt+O n/a Kapat / Close Ctrl+W Cmd+W Hepsini Kapat / Close All Ctrl+Shift+W Kaydet / Save Ctrl+S Farkli Kaydet / Save As...

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