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  1. musisi66

    The Sea Has Nearly 200,000 Different Viruses

    You feel like diving into a beautiful blue ocean, at that time you won't want to think about this fact that pure water is home to nearly 200,000 viruses of different types. It sounds terrible, Matthew Sullivan is a microbiologist at Ohio University in an interview with CNN saying "Having a map...
  2. musisi66

    There are Two Country Names Using "The"

    You may often add the prefix “The” when mentioning a country, such as “The United States”. However, only two countries formally use the prefix the, namely The Gambia and The Bahamas.
  3. canaak8080

    wordpress nasıl hızlı öğrene bilirim ?

    wordpress öğrenmek istiyorum daha kolay ve hızlı öğrene bileceğim bir kanal filan önerirmisiniz ?
  4. Spoidead

    Dünya'da En Çok Kullanılan Programlama Dilleri

    JavaScript Popüler olmasının sebebi mobilde tarafında kullanılmasıdır.

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