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Jul 31, 2019
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Hello dear RealityCheats members, in this topic, we will look at the general solutions for all the errors you receive and make it easier for you. There is this thread to solve your problems instantly! Search for a message with the problem you are having with the ctrl+f function and read the solution completely.

First of all, my brothers who cannot enter the site and the loader are very common. Since you cannot use the cheat without entering the site, first of all, let us help you to access the loader and the site.

When I enter the website or RealUI it doesn't open / throws it to a different place?

Our first solution is to download and install the exe from this link If you downloaded it and the installation screen did not open, completely turn off or delete your anti-virus programs and windows defender software.

If the first step didn't work try this step, download Iobit unlocker and go to this location C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Then click on "View" from the top window. Find "Hidden items" there and tick it. 2 files that are no longer visible will appear ( Open the iobit unlocker software and drag the hosts file and the hosts.ics file in our hosts folder to our iobit unlocker, then we do the process in this "" screenshot. Since my hosts file is clean, I showed it over a different file. This is the second and definitive solution. Then you can access our website and realui loader without any problems. Footnote: Close the browser with the cross in the top right and open it again.

If the problem is still not resolved despite these, contact Shiva or another official via discord.

I enter my username and password in RealUI, it gives an error?

First of all, make sure that access to the website or Loader from is not interrupted. If it is, confirm whether your hosts file is clean (You can confirm from this location: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc ). Then make sure that your password on the website does not contain special characters such as "+, !, %". If there are special characters in your password, you can choose * to change your password and delete special characters from our website. If the VPN is on, be sure to turn it off. After these steps, log in again and your problem will be solved.

I'm getting an error when opening RealUI?

In case of any error you get while opening Loader, completely delete or close your virus program and defender, download it from and install it again.

Does RealUI Loader have Virus or Mining?

There are only third-party software in RealUI Loader, so anti-virus software detects viruses. You can look at it this way. For example, an anti-virus application detects another anti-virus application as a virus. Our Loader contains only GameHackTOOLS. Although we are a cheating community with 200 thousand members, we have been serving since 2019. For years, we have been working hard and determined not to infect our members with viruses and to ensure their safety. Income is generated thanks to Ads, which is the only money earner. We do not generate any income from users' computers.

After starting cheats I get error 0xc000007b on console screen or elsewhere?

Our first solution:
Download and open this
Scan your computer.
After the scan is finished, click the fix button.

Our second solution:

Download these

After the download is finished, open it and do it if you haven't installed it, if you have installed it, press the "repair" button. After repairing, restart the computer.

The problem will be solved.

After starting the cheat "File corrupted! This program has been manipulated and maybe it's infected by a Virus or cr4cked. This file won't work anymore." I get an error?

Scan your computer with anti-virus. (Malwarebytes recommended)
After the scan is finished, completely clean the viruses that come out. Then delete Malwarebytes and reinstall RealUI. The problem will be solved.

When I start the cheat it gives the error 0x35c?

Restart your computer and try again, if not resolved, contact the administrator.
As an additional method: Control Panel; Network and internet ; Network and sharing center ; Internet options ; Links ; Local network settings; If you have this problem, it will be fixed when you remove the proxy check on the proxy server.

"This application cannot run on your computer. Contact its publisher to find a suitable version for your computer." I get an error?

After turning off or deleting the Defender and anti-viruses, we reinstall the realui loader installer software via and the problem is solved.

RealUI Loader "Already open/Already Open" error?

Open task manager and find exe named random with RealUI icon and end the task (for example: JAJSD3ksdk2ka.exe). Turn it on again and the problem will be fixed.

Even though I inject the cs 1.6 cheat, the menu does not appear?

First download and install these 2 softwares: & if not installed Fix Press the button. After that, enter the Cs 1.6 settings, enter the Video section, and then select the Renderer section OPENGL.

I want to remove RealUI Loader from my computer?

First of all, run our FPS Booster software in Loader before uninstalling. All cheat residues on your computer will be cleaned. Then go to the Control panel, find the RealUI loader and press the uninstall button.

Does RealUI work on older Windows versions (like Windows 8, 7)

Yes RealUI works on all windows systems, but some game cheats may not work.

When I open RealUI Installer it says windows cannot complete the extraction failed to create target file?

Download and install winrar on your computer.(video)

When I start the cheat, it gives the error vcruntime140.dll?

Please do not manually add files to System files when you encounter this problem! The solution is very simple, download and install these 2 software: & problem it will be fixed.

Unlocked cheat in RealUI Loader? Can't press start button?

A very frequently asked event, after confirming that the rank requested by the cheat has arrived on the site, turn RealUI off and on and the problem will be fixed. Learn more about the member group restriction: Click

OOPS! I'm getting an unexpected error occurred error?

You probably have hosts, you can apply the question and answer article at the beginning to solve it.

"Failed to start!" when I press start cheat in RealUI. Gives a fault?

If the cheat is 64bit built and the user's pc is 32bit, this error will appear.
Completely turn off or delete anti-virus and defender software.

An error occurred while starting the installation? System IO Exception (RealUI Installer error)

Those who get this error should apply the following methods; Turn off RealUI, Right click on RealUI icon from the lower right taskbar, press Exit, finally turn off anti viruses.

Every time I enter RealUI it asks for 4d confirmation?

RealUI is a site that generates revenue from 4ds, so it requests 1 4ds confirmation every 24 hours. It will ask again after 00:00.

When I start the cheat, it gives the error "The cheat crashed"?

It is a code error related to cheating, the administrator must be reached.

I get the error "Please upgrade your windows version or try again" on the cheat console screen?

Please read the forum thread of the cheat you are trying to unlock because it may not be working on your system. Type winver in the windows search bar to get information about your system, then check the topic to find out which version the cheat supports.

I'm getting D3DCOMPILER_43.dll and similar errors in cheats?

Download and install the runtimes from the links below and try again.


What does RealUI Loader do?

RealUI Loader is software exclusive to RealityCheats. Its sole purpose is to collect all the objects. They cannot receive data from RealityCheats' private servers. There is an instant data update system. It allows us to offer you the fastest cheats. This is a very useful program for.

My rank is still not on the site?

Our system works automatically and your rank comes in half an hour. When your rank comes, you can use the cheats that your rank is sufficient by turning the Loader off and on.

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