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review ant man quantumania



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Jul 18, 2021
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First of all, it is a great leap for Scott Lang's Ant Man from the previous two movies. I had been waiting for this movie for quite a long time, and today finally I had the opportunity to watch it!
The movie lived up to my expectations, shocked me in quite a few scenes. The dive into the quantum world was an amazing one with stunning visuals, one could have never thought of! And watching in 3D, made it even more immersive! We however got to see a little bit of MODOK, eventually before he decided to fight against the conqueror!
The plot was perfectly planned, with little jokes, and sudden moments building tension, and they are unpredictable. The people, their bond with Jane's family made the story line an even better! Jonathan Major's performance as KANG was phenomenal 🎉!
After Endgame, the battle scenes of Ant Man 3 were so amazing and brilliant! The army of the Conqueror vs all of the quantum people. You could see a glimpse of how extremely powerful the "CONQUEROR" was, and what he could do! At moments it was the whole crowd cheering during the final battle and it was peacefully satisfying to watch!
The mid credit scene was a link to "AVENGERS KANG DYNASTY", which will shock you as infinite no of Kang variants are preparing for war! which makes me think that Thanos was also a puzzle for something greater and there are greater threats in the whole "MULTIVERSE", as "HE WHO REMAINS" once said in Loki S01, which is yet to come, and partly it gives an idea of "SECRET WARS".
The post credit scene, We see Loki and Morbius attending a sort of lecture of Kang, which I think is picked from one of the scenes in Loki S02.
TBH, I don't know why people are talking negative about this movie, when there is nothing to criticize it. You know it's all a part in the puzzle setting up the big story!(and nowadays it's is a trend to hate movies by critics and audience!)

In my opinion, I would rate it 8.6 out if 10
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